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The State House, Dar es salaam, is the official residence of the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, whose personal standard was first raised on the battlemented tower on December 9, 1962.

The building, formerly Government House, was constructed by the first British Governor Sir Horace Byatt of the then Tanganyika Territory. When Governor Byatt took up office early in 1919, he had to first stay in a nearby building (the current ministry of health). The Royal Naval gunfire had reduced the German Government House to a gutted ruin on December 15, 1914.
The new Government House, completed in 1922 and built partly on the foundations of the old German Palast previously occupied by Governor Schnee, was designed by Mr. J. H. Sinclair, at one time British resident in Zanzibar. Sinclair was a skilled architect, and had been responsible for the design of the Residency in Zanzibar.

The State House is a fine looking structure, blending African and Arabic architecture, with wide verandahs, arches, and covered ways. It stands in grounds extending over 33 acres and overlooks the Indian Ocean. The building is white-walled and cool within. The entrance and rooms are lofty, with floors of terrazo or African wood blocks.

The original portion of the building is the central block, which includes a tower. It is normally entered by the great brass-studded west doors that are surmounted by a coloured replica of the United Republic Coat of Arms.

Two giant drums flank the entrance, and immediately beyond is the grand entrance hall with its ornately-decorated columns. This spacious hall extends the full height of the building and is lit by clerestory windows.

The State House contains a number of interesting gifts and objects of art that were presented to Tanganyika by friendly overseas governments to mark either the achievement of independence in 1961, or the inauguration of the Republic of Tanganyika in 1962.

Other items have been presented at various times by individual persons or organisations. Together they beautify the furnishing of the house and do much to enrich the historic character of the building, which is both home and work place for the President of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Among the gifts which first attract the attention of visitors in the entrance hall is a large silver gilt table centre-piece of modern design standing on the staircase, an independence gift from the former Administering Authority. An eye catching traditional Ethiopian shield with crossed spears, the gift of His Imperial Majesty, Haile Selassie I, is displayed on the opposite wall.

Gifts from other Heads of State and Governments are elsewhere in the house and in the private apartments and state guestrooms. Straight ahead, and partly visible through the doorways, of elaborately-carved wood, is the Grand Drawing Room, surely one of the loveliest of apartments.

The floor is of highly-polished timber, and a further series of doorways carved in wood open on to a broad shaded terrace overlooking the lawns while the harbour approach beyond. At one end of the Drawing Room is an attractive minstrel's gallery, while doors at the other end open into the Music Room.

The top of the tower, from which flies the President's personal standard when he is in residence, is reached by a stone spiral staircase. The central block also includes the Cabinet Chamber in which the President presides over meetings of his colleagues. Here, large polished tables form a square around which Ministers sit. To the rear of the President's chair is a backcloth bearing embroidered representation of the coat-of-arms of the Republic of Tanganyika, a gift in 1961 of the government of India.

Opposite the Dining Room, on the ground floor, is the entrance to the lift to the first floor. The passage-way to the south from here leads to the Princess Margaret wing, which was built for the visit to Tanganyika of Her Royal Highness in 1956. A private architect, Mr. Goldthorpe prepared the drawings for the wing in 1955 and construction started immediately to ensure completion before the Royal visit.

Linking the Princess margaret wing to the remainder of the house is a peaceful nook containing a pool and fountain. Thence to the Banqueting Hall which comfortably sets 100 guests. This elegant room with wood-tiled floor and ornate coffered ceiling can be opened to cool breezes on three sides, while remaining completely shaded by wide verandahs. In convenient proximity is a large modern kitchen, with refrigerator room, servants' duty room and House Keeper's office adjoining.

Upstairs are spacious bedroom suites, beautifully appointed and complete with sitting rooms, dressing rooms and bathrooms.

To the north of the central block is a wing that forms part of the original building. The ground floor comprises accommodation for senior staff of the President's Office. Formerly it also included the private study of the Governor.

The complex duties of the executive head of State are conducted by the President in his study, a large room which was built in 1961 as a conference chamber for the then Council of Ministers. On the wall above his desk are Maasai spear and shield which were ceremonially handed to President Nyerere at the time of the country's attainment of Republican status in December 1961.

Also on the walls are a pair of interesting pictures created entirely from different woods, and given by the late President Sylvanus Olympio of Togoland in 1961 to mark Tanganyika's independence.

The State House is particularly colourful when a visiting Head of State is in residence, for then there are two standards flying from the tower and the long drive from the east gate is livened up with flags on either side.

When the darkness falls, the building is also an impressive sight as floodlights are switched on. The stark white house is thrown up in vivid contrast to the surrounding night sky, and is good to look upon from both the sea and the land.

In a part of the grounds of the State House there is a large enclosure accommodating the nucleus of a collection of certain species of wild life. So far, these include gazelles, bucks, ostriches and peacocks.

Of much interest at the State House grounds are the trees and shrubs some of which were planted as far back as in 1934. As the visitor explores the ground, he /she will find in the trees and shrubs which are planted there a gathering of the nations of the world. Countries with tropical climate such as; India, Pakistan, Burma, Ceylon, Malaysia, Melanesia, Indonesia, the Pacific Islands, China, Australia, Malagasy, Argentine, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, the Carribean countries, besides East, West, Central and North Africa, the countries bordering the eastern Mediterranean and Iran.

Most of the trees and shrubs have been planted for the colour of their flowers, the striking appearance of their foliage or the welcome shade that they cast. At most times of the year there is colour to be found in the smaller shrubs, but the flowering of the large shrubs and the trees, is more seasonal. In August and Early September a mass of yellow-brown leaves flourish on the mango trees

prepared by SAM SHEMSANGA.

Jiwe hili lilijengwa na wakoroni tangu enzi za ukoroni Tanganyika
Alama hii inaonyesha utawala wa 5 wawajerumani.Jiwe hili linapatikana MKOANI TANGA,WILAYA YA PANGANI.1916 GVR.

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Nabii B.G Malisa Afanya Mambo Makubwa Ndani Ya Viwanja Vya Furahisha Jijini Mwanza

 Niwakati alipofanya ukutano ktk uwanja wa FURAHI jijini Mwanza.

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Ktk maisha ni dhahili tunakumbana na changamoto mbalimbali ila mambo muhimu tunayoweza kufanyili kukabiriana na hizo changamoto ktk maisha yetu ya kila siku
        Mambo hayo ni pamoja na haya yafuatayo.
  • KUJITAMBUA. Ktk maisha suala la kujitambua huwa linamhusu mtu mwenyewe .lakini hapa tunataka huyu kijana ambae bado hajajitambua kuwa nafasi ya kujitambua ktk mashai ni muhimu hii inasaidia kwa kiasi kikubwa kufanya mtu kubadilika na kufanya mambo ambayo yatamuingizia kipato ktk jamii na hata familia yake jkwa ujumla.
  • KUJIHESHIMU. Ktk maisha yoyote mtu hawezi kuishi bila kuwa na jamii inayomzunguka na hii ina muwezesha mtu kufanya uwamuzi wa yeye kuwa na heshima na kuishi na watu vizuri hasa wale ambao ankuwanao kwenye jamii inoyomzunguka.Heshimani chanzo kizuri cha maendeleo ktk maisha jiheshimu.  
  • KUPENDA KUJIFUNZA KUTOKA KWA WALIOFANIKIWA/Hii inasaidia sana kijana kuwa na motisha wa kuhakikisha kuwa anakuwa na maendeleo ktk maisha.
  • Kazi kweli kweli wanafunzi hao burudani kwanza masomo baadayektk maisha ya masomo na hata nje ya masomo kunakuwa na marafiki wenye malengo hasi ambao bado hawajajitambua kuwa wao ni akina nani nahii inamuwezesha kijana huyu kufanya vile anavyotaka na mwisho wa siku anajikuta keshaangaka.Kuwa busy na shuhuli zako kama ni masomo soma kwa malengao na utaanikiwa na huku ukimta nguliza MUNGU.
  • HABARI PICHA: VIJANA NA OPARESHENI YA UTAKASO BCICktk kuihakikishia jamii inakuwa na vijana walioelimika ni lazima hawa vijana wapende maendeleo na mabadiliko ktk jamii wanayoishi.
 Di Mateo akiwapa maelekezo vijana wakekupenda kushirikisha mawazo yako kwa wengine bila kuogopa cheo au kipaji alichonacho mtu.Hii itakusaidia ktk kutambua wapi umekosea naw api umeenda vizuri.pia usipende kupoteza muda kwa kufanya mabo ambayo sii ya msingi.
Kwa kuzingati hayo huku ukimuomba Mungu utafanikiwa ktk maisha pi watu watwajifunza kutoka kwako kwacbb umefanikiwa. PICHA ZA WACHEZA SHOO WA KUNDI LA KIBAO KATA WALIVYOINAJISI BIRTHADY ...kujiepusha na makundi ya maovu.


Katibu Mkuu Wizara ya Habari, Vijana, Utamaduni na Michezo, Bw. Sethi Kamuhanda akipata maelezo kutoka kwa Kaimu Mkuu wa Kituo cha Maendeleo ya Vijana Ilonga, Bw. Ombeni Andrew kuhusu Kompyuta zinazotumika kufundishia mafunzo ya TEKNOHAMA kituoni hapo. Bw. Kamuhanda alitembelea Kituo hicho mwanzoni mwa wiki hii kwa ajili ya kukagua maendeleo ya kituo hicho.
Serikali imedhamiria kuviimarisha na kuvijengea uwezo vituo vya vijana ili viweze kutoa mafunzo kwa vijana wengi zaidi hali ambayo itasaidia vijana kujiajili na kujipatia kipato pamoja na kuliendeleza Taifa kwa ujumla.

Hayo yamesemwa jana na Katibu Mkuu Wizara ya Habari, Vijana, Utamaduni na Michezo, Bw. Sethi Kamuhanda alipotembelea Kituo cha Maendeleo ya Vijana Ilonga kilichopo wilayani Kilosa Mkoani Morogoro.

“Lengo kubwa la Serikali kuanzisha vituo vya vijana ni kutaka vitoe mafunzo ya ujasiriamali kwa vijana ili wawe na uwezo wa kujiajiri na kujitegemea.” Amesema Bw. Kamuhanda.

Aidha, Bw. Kamuhanda amesema kuwa Serikali imedhamiria kuimarisha Mfuko wa Vijana ili vikundi vingi zaidi vya vijana viweze kukopeshwa kwa ajili ya kufanikisha shughuli za kiuchumi na kutokomeza umaskini.

Amesema kuwa kwa sasa Mfuko huo unatoa mikopo kwa vikundi vya vijana kupitia saccos zilizoainishwa na halmashauri ambazo vikundi hivyo vinatokea lakini bado hautoshelezi mahitaji kwani fedha inayotengwa kwenye mfuko huo ni ndogo ukilinganisha na mahitaji yaliyopo.

Naye Kaimu Mkuu wa Kituo cha Maendeleo ya Vijana Ilonga, Bw. Ombeni Andrew amesema kuwa Kituo hicho kinatoa mafunzo ya ujasiriamali kwa vijana, utunzaji wa mazingira, masuala yanayohusu VVU/UKIMWI na mafunzo ya Teknolojia ya habari na mawasiliano.

“Lengo hasa la kuanzisha somo la Teknolojia ya habari na mawasiliano (TEKNOHAMA) chuoni hapo ni kutaka vijna kupata habari mbalimbali zinazohusu vijana hususan zile zinazohusu masuala ya UKIMWI kupitia mtandao wa intaneti ili wawe na uwezo wa kujikinga na ugonjwa huo”. Amesema Bw. Andrew.

Ameeleza kuwa vikundi mbalimbali vya vijana vimekuwa vikifika kituoni hapo kwa nyakati tofauti kulingana na mahitaji ya wakati huo na wamekuwa wakiwapatia mafunzo ya ujasiriamali na wakati mwingine uzarishaji mali kama vile kutengeneza mkaa wa nyasi ambao husaidia kutunza mazingira.

Akielezea namna wanavyowahudumia vijana wanaofika chuoni hapo kwa ajili ya kujifunza, Bw. Andrew amesema kuwa Kituo kina mabweni yenye uwezo wa kulaza vijana 48 na chakula kinapikwa hapo kituoni kwa ajili ya wanafunzi.

Kaimu Mkuu huyo wa kituo ametoa wito kwa Serikali kuanzisha programu za mafunzo nyingi zaidi na kutafuta watumishi sahihi na wa kutosha kwa ajili ya kuendesha mafunzo hayo.

Kituo cha Maendeleo ya Vijana Ilonga ni moja kati ya vituo vitatu vya maendeleo ya vijana ambavyo viko chini ya usimamizi wa Wizara ya Habari, Vijana, Utamaduni na Michezo. Vituo vingine ni Sasanda kilichopo wilayani Mbozi Mkoani Kilimanjaro na Kituo cha Vijana Marangu cha Mkoani Kilimanjaro.

misaada mbalimbali yaendelea kupokelewa na mkuu wa mkoa wa Dar es Salaam kwa kuwasaidia waliofikwa na janga la mafuriko

 baadhi ya vifaa vya misaada iliyotolewa.

Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Dar es Salaam,Mh. Said Meck Sadiq (wa tatu kushoto) akipokea sehemu ya misaada iliyotolea na Umoja wa Masheikh na Wanazuoni wa Nchini Tanzania wenye jumla ya thamani ya sh. Milioni 12,kutoka kwa Katibu Mkuu wa Umoja huo,Sheikh Hamis Mataka (mwenye kanzu nyeusi) leo kwenye ofisi ya Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Dar es Salaam.Wengine pichani ni wajumbe wa Umoja huo wa Masheikh.

Katibu Mkuu wa Umoja wa Masheikh na Wanazuoni Nchini,Sheikh Hamis Mataka (katikati) akisoma taarifa fupi ya misaada mbali mbali iliyotolewa na umoja huo kwa ajili ya waathirika wa janga la Mafuriko lililolikumba jiji la Dar es Salaam hivi karibuni wakati walipofika kwenye ofisi ya Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Dar es Salaam,Mh. Said Meck Sadiq (wa pili kulia) leo kwa ajili ya kukabidhi msaada huo
Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Dar es Salaam,Mh. Said Meck Sadiq akitoa shukrani kwa wale woote waliofika ofisini kwake leo kwa lengo la kuwasilisha midaada mbalimbali kwa ajili wa waathirika wa Mafuriko yaliyotokea hivi karibu jijini Da
Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Dar es Salaam,Mh. Said Meck Sadiq (kulia) akipokea Misaada ya vyakula kutoka kwa vijana wanaounda Muungano wa Mashirika ya Vijana nchini,Kushoto ni Kiongozi wa Muundano huo,Nyakia Ally na Katikati ni Mjumbe wa Muungano huo,Sostenes Mitt
 Kiongozi wa Muungano wa Mashirika ya Vijana nchini,Nyakia Ally (kushoto) akiongea na vyombo vya habari wakati wa kukabidhi sehemu ya misaada kwa ajili ya waathirika wa Mafuriko jijini Dar es Salaam wakati walipofika kwa Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Dar es Salaam,Mh. Said Meck Sadiq (kulia) kukabidhi misaada yao hiy
 Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Dar es Salaam,Mh. Said Meck Sadiq (kushoto) akisikiliza kwa makini taarifa ya Meneja Mauzo wa DarBrew LTD ambao ni Watengenezaji wa Kinywaji cha Chibuku,Urban Shayo wakati walipofika ofisini kwa Mkuu wa Mkoa kwa ajili ya kukabidhi Msaada wao kwa waathirika wa Mafuko
imetolewa na SAM SHEMSANGA kwa msaada wa mtandao

Wasanii waliotajwa kwenye tuzo za Killi Music Awards walivyopewa semina

Kutoka kulia Hamisi Dakora, Abdul Kiba na Mchomvu clouds meadia
Mwanamuziki wa bendi ya Mapacha Watatu, Khalid Chokora akizungumza wakati wa semina ya wanamuziki walioingia kwenye kinyang'anyiro cha ruzo za muziki Tanzania, maarufu Kilimanjaro Music Award au tuzo za Kili inayoendelea hivi sasa katika hoteli ya Double Tree, Masaki, Dar es Salaam. Kulia ni mwimbaji wa Mapacha, Catherine Cind

Mzee Yussuf wa Jahazi Modern Taarab kushoto

Mwanamuziki wa bendi ya Mapacha Watatu, Khalid Chokora akizungumza wakati wa semina ya wanamuziki walioingia kwenye kinyang'anyiro cha ruzo za muziki Tanzania, maarufu Kilimanjaro Music Award au tuzo za Kili inayoendelea hivi sasa katika hoteli ya Double Tree, Masaki, Dar es Salaam. Kulia ni mwimbaji wa Mapacha, Catherine Cindy

Sentensi 12 alizozitoa ktk bunge la katiba Mh. Joseph Mbilinyi (Sugu) leo na sauti yake.


Wajumbe mbalimbali kwenye bunge la katiba wameendelea kuwasha vipaza sauti vyao kuchangia, kutoa ya moyoni kwa kujadili sura ya kwanza na ya sita huku ishu ya serikali mbili au tatu ikizimiliki headlines zaidi.

Zifuatazo ni kauli za mjumbe Mh. Joseph Mbilinyi ambae pia ni mbunge wa Mbeya mjini April 15 2014
1. ‘Wabunge Wakristo hii ni kwaresma, ni kipindi cha toba… mnatumia kipindi hiki kufanya unafiki mbele ya Wananchi mtakuja kuhukumiwa siku itakapofika, wameharibu mchakato wakati tumeshatumia mabilioni mengi ya hela’
2. ‘Ukarabati tu wa jengo la bunge hili ili sisi tukae zimetumika BILIONI 8.2 alafu leo kwa sababu ya hotuba moja tu ya Mwenyekiti wa chama cha mapinduzi wote wamegeuka, wanaharibu kabisa tunashindwa kufanya mambo ya maana, wanaacha kupanga mkakati wa hoja wanapanga mkakati wa kuzomea, wameishiwa mikakati mpaka wanazomea kimkakati’
3. ‘Unakutana na mbunge tena Waziri kama rafiki yangu Mwigulu Nchemba tunataniana ananiita mzee wa Maandamano mi namuita mzee wa kuteka, ananiambia wewe Sugu sijui unataka serikali tatu sijui vipi na vipi, namwambia kwani hutaki kabisa Tanganyika anasema mi nataka Tanganyika ila nataka serikali moja, sasa kama mnataka serikali moja kwa nini uibuke kwenye hoja ya serikali mbili?
4. ‘Kuna watu ambao wanajadili vitu ambavyo hawaviamini na havipo kwenye mioyo yao na hao watu wanadhamana kwenye uongozi wa taifa hili na hii ni hatari

5.  ‘Tuko kwenye nafasi nzuri sana ya kujadili hili swala, tulijadili wakati tunaheshimiana kuliko siku tuje kulazimisha mabadiliko ambayo hatukuyapanga, tusifikie sehemu Wazanzibari hao wanaosemwa elfu sitini ndio waingie barabarani na jeshi’

6. ‘Mwenyekiti alikuja hapa akatutisha oooh sijui serikali tatu jeshi, Mwanajeshi atakuja atachukua nchi… Mwenyekiti mwenyewe alikua ni Mwanajeshi akavua uniform, Nyerere aliposema vueni uniform akavua na leo ni rais, kuna ubaya gani Mwanajeshi akitawala kama ana akili? hakuna ubaya, wanajeshi ni ndugu zetu’
7. ‘Hakuna tatizo lolote siku Mwanajeshi akija kuwa Rais kwa sababu tunae Mwanajeshi Rais Kikwete na anaendelea tu, asiweke vikwazo kwa Wanajeshi wengine ambao watakua na tija kwa taifa hili’
8. ‘Wanasema serikali tatu gharama, hivi kama gharama inaongezeka alafu tija inaongezeka kuna tatizo gani? ukifanya biashara rejareja ukitaka kuwa mkubwa ni lazima uongeze mtaji, kama huu mfumo wa serikali mbili umeshindwa kutuondolea matatizo mwengine anasema Znz wana hiki wana kile, mbona hamsemi kama mpaka umeme tunawalipia?? lakini sisi huku tunalia
‘Tuna serikali mbili na hakuna aliesimama hapa akasema serikali mbili gharama zake zipi, Wizara ngapi hapa zinapanga  majengo kila siku yanatolewa furniture? serikali tatu gharama against what? against tija? against maendeleo? against kwenda mbele? 10. ‘Sababu akili yenu ni fedha ndio maana mnaangalia faida kwamba ni fedha tu, hamuangalii faida nyingine za kijamii ambazo zitaleta tija kwa taifa hili’
11. ‘Kuna hawa ndugu zangu viongozi wa dini, tunasema hivi mara nyingi viongozi wa dini wamekosea walipochagua kuwa upande wa dola dhidi ya matakwa ya nchi, hii imetokea mfano ni Padri wa Rwanda, leo hii yukwapi? kwa hiyo viongozi wa dini wawe makini wanavyoangazia haya maswala’
12. ‘Mungu ibariki Tanganyika, Mungu ibariki Zanzibar , Mungu bariki mchakato huu wa shirikisho la Zanzibar na Tanganyika, acheni kutupiga mkwara eti tutagawana mbao… ni heri kugawana mbao kuliko kwenda kuzinguana huko mbele ya safari